Facebook Fight against not sharing news links

That is complete rot.  We will not stand for it.

First tip - use CAPITAL letters, instead of . and / - for example, wwwDOTabcDOTnetDOTauBACKSLASHnews - already tested.

This post will see Us try and share the ABC news site via this post.


More to follow (y)

Last few Catalogs

The last few catalogs have been uploaded.


There will be no more updates to the catalogs until about May next year.

Website Downtime

We have just recieved word from the webhosting company that the physical servers that Our domain is hosted on, they will be physically moved overnight on Monday 16th June, 2020.

The servers will be shutdown and moved between 10pm on the 16th and should be running again by 2am on the 17th - total of 4 hours downtime.  This is Sydney time (AEST).

There are no foreseen issues with the maintenance, but We will advise if anything adverse occurs.

Catalogs are Ready !

All of the available catalogs have been uploaded to the website.

Each catalog is in a zip file, along with a PDF of the pricelist.

We look forward to filling your orders, soon :)

Downloads have been fixed

There was an apparent issue where some catalog sections were set to registered user only download.

This issue has been fixed.

Happy downloading and We look forward to helping you soon !