New Catalogs are available soon !

There will be new catalogs arriving this week.

We will be organising a complete range of this 2018 catalogs from Our suppliers, both printed copies for collection and downloadable versions from this website.

It is always exciting to see what new offerings are available each year.  We're looking forward to helping Our customers get new trophies, medals and awards this year !

It will take some time - due to the number of products - but the Online ordering system will be updated with new prices and products as soon as possible.

Contact Us if there are any questions about the new range, or what's still available from previous years.

Taking Care of Business !

We appreciate everyone's understanding in the past week.


We're back in full swing, with quotes and invoices going out - as well as a couple of customer orders being shipped out today !


Looking forward to helping YOU with your requirements.

Closed this week

We regret to inform Our customers that We are closed this week.

I have had to rush up to Narrabri for a relative's poor health and will be needing to stay up here until Thursday noon, then the trip back to Richmond.

We will be open as normal, next week, after Easter.

Your understanding is appreciated at this time.

St Patrick's Day Beer Mug - $20

St Patrick'd

There are alot of different gift ideas, this is just one We thought customers might like :)

We have quite a few of these in stock right now, available for $20 engraved - with this image or another of your choosing and some text.

These will be available all year round, in a couple of different styles - wine glasses too !



We Have Moved !

We have completed the move to Richmond.


Our New Address is :


6 Grose Street, Richmond NSW 2753  (Click on the address for a googlemap to the new location.)


We have two phone numbers available, (02) 4589-3263 and (02) 9621-2474.  The fax line was not being used at all, therefore it was cancelled and not moved with the existing phone numbers.


We are open for business during the normal hours, with some potential for Saturday pickups, which We could not offer before.


All email addresses are the same, with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. being the main address to contact Us on.


The showroom is taking shape, orders are arriving from suppliers and going out to customers - It's been a mostly painless transition to Richmond.


For NEW customers for the next 3 months - there is a 10% discount on the first order.

For Existing customers, that were local to the Blacktown / Kings Park location that We moved from - there is free shipping on the first box in orders for the next 12 months.


Looking forward to working with New and Existing customers at the new location.



Come and see Us soon !