Catalogs & Discounts Available !

We have finished half of the supplier catalogs , ready for downloading.

Each zip file has twp pdf files in it - one is the catalog, the other is the pricelist.

DON'T Forget to ask about discounts !

Sponsored organisations receive 25% discount for instance, Hawkesbury community gets locals pricing - and more !

Get in touch today, to find out more !

2019 - Here We GO !

We're ready to assist all of Our Customers with their needs again.


The showroom is still in progress a little, but the machines are just waiting to help Us to help you !

Catalogs are offline at the moment - the suppliers have given out Summer 2019 ones, they are being packaged at the moment for download.  We will let everyone know when they are ready to go.


Looking forward to seeing you all again in 2019 !


We will be open for business again on the 28th of January, 2019.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years and Christmas.

Laser Engraving is not included with the price

We would like to remind Our customers that laser engraving is NOT included in the pricing.

Logo buttons & neck ribbons for medals are also not included in the pricing.

Please get in touch with Us via the contact box in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

We will then be able to give an exact idea of any extra costs.

Custom Logo Buttons - What you need to know

We are able, through a supplier, to have custom logo buttons created for your club or organisation.  The logo buttons are available in 25mm, 32mm and 50mm diameter when manufactured - even oval shaped, but these are rarely requested these days.

There are some restrictions with these buttons.

  1. There are minimum order quantities for the custom logo buttons. 25mm & 32mm - minimum order of 40 buttons. With the 50mm buttons, the minimum order drops to 12.
  2. If it is an existing custom logo button, there is a minimum delivery time of one week.
  3. New custom logo buttons require three weeks, as the proof has to be checked before it goes into production - NO exceptions.
  4. The ownership of the logo remains with the customer, but We retain ownership as of button design lodged with the manufacturer.  The supplier will not let transfer of ownership of the design lodged with them to the public, only to another trophy retailer.  The cost involved with making the changeover is the same as the original artwork setup fee, making it actually easier for the new trophy retailer to submit the artwork to them directly.

Other than those restrictions, there is only the once off art work setup and storage fee of $40 - which is waived under certain conditions, ask Us what they might be !

If there are any questions about custom logo buttons, don't hesitate to use the Chat Now box, down in the right hand corner of Our website, to get in touch.